Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Hymn, "Speak to Me"

The hymn for today is an expression of the gauntlet being thrown down before Job by God, but updated to the modern, atheistic, delusional pseudoscientist:

Speak to Me of future,
Speak to Me of past,
Speak to Me of everything
That has been made, compassed;
Speak to Me of structures fine
That eyes may never see,
Speak to Me of elegance
And of Divine beauty!

Speak to Me of sunsets,
How they came to be
Messengers to human hearts
That speak to them of Me;
Speak to Me of butterflies
And how they come to be,
Tell Me every detail since
You claim that you can see!

Speak to Me of Saturn,
It's reason to be,
Tell Me of this guardian
Of human history;
With an exclamation point
It reigns within the sky,
Confounding the selfish pride
Of every human eye!

Tell Me of the tinies
No man's eye can see
That bring life and pestilence
To every man from Me;
Tell Me how they motilate
From sea to shining sea,
How no life could e'er survive
If they should never be!

Tell Me how existence
Makes itself for thee,
Tell me how it comes to be
With nary need of Me;
Tell Me what creates all things
That all have come to be,
Tell Me without fantasy
Or anything of Me!

I AM thy Creator,
Sovereign Jesus Christ,
I, the One who covers sin,
Full paying every price;
I, the One who spoke the Word
And all things came to be,
I, the One who gave His life
For thee on Calvary!
©2014 William F. Maddock

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