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New Chat, "Ignoring the Signs"

Just because you don’t want to hear it does not mean that God did not say it. Ignoring the Signs God sends your way is a dangerous and stupid thing to do, and blaming and shunning the messenger is completely wicked and evil.

New Hymn, "Cries From a Wounded Heart"

The hymn for today tells the story of one falsely accused, and asks the question, “If there be, among you, a life-long single man who has been, nevertheless, praying for a wife, why do you accuse and vilify and slander rather than joining him in his prayers?” From another perspective, how can you not see your own sin?

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Hymn, "The Answered Plea"

The hymn for today speaks of God's forgiveness.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Video Short: Dragons and Destiny-Quoting C. S. Lewis

Dragons and Destiny-Quoting C. S. Lewis

New Hymn, "By Calvary"

A day or two ago someone, whom I associate with Rockport Baptist Church, added me to their circles. I added them back as an acquaintance, so that, if I choose to do so, I can keep tabs on them, as I suspect they mean to do on me. You see people, on whose ears things fall that they do not want there, might have a tendency toward spying upon the source of that word, thinking they are protecting those who, in reality, are in no danger whatsoever.

I do have some experience at this.

Years ago, when her parents thought that I was pursuing a romantic relationship with Tonia Adams, they set someone upon ensuring that we would not come together. He was only supposed to watch and intimidate, but he was such a lunkhead, so easily observed, that it actually embarrassed Tonia to the point of apologizing to me for what her parents were doing.

There was a time when Tonia and I were coworkers that something happened, so upsetting lunkhead that he very nearly popped a vessel. What was it that so upset him?

I held the door for my friend.

I shouldn’t be quite so hard on him, I guess. You see, had I not already been warned off by God Himself, I would have pursued any opportunity with Tonia. God, though, had already said no, so I was not doing so.

Truly, when those who are actually blind, deaf, and dumb, think they know everything to do with a situation, their missteps can be quite entertaining—if you are paying attention.

The hymn for today is a heart cry about pursuing God, and will be available, for a limited time, to be played on MuseScore.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Tale of Two Mountains

Thanks to the Discovery Institute for granting permission to reproduce the PDF of this article.

New Hymn, "Jerusalem! Jerusalem!"

The hymn for today is a depiction of Jesus' broken hearted cry to His people, who did not receive Him (John 1:11).

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Hymn, "For Thy Community!"

The hymn for today is a call for God to act.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Hymn, "Praise to Thou, Anointed!"

The hymn for today is a praise for salvation.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

New Hymn, "Within the Heart"

The hymn for today illustrates the state of mind of the true witness for Christ.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

New Chat, "Whom do You Prefer to Offend?"

Matthew 7:1-5; Mathew 18; Ezekiel 3 and 33

An encore presentation of “On the Matter of Gifts”, from 2014, followed by a discussion of its contents, and a warning regarding whom you should prefer to offend: God or men.

On the Matter of Gifts-An Encore Presentation

Last October an article was written, shared online at the Isaiahic Commission Blog. It was originally written and completed on October 23rd, 2014, as evidenced by the screenshot here presented. As you will see by a detailed examination of the screenshot, I do not deceive but speak the truth. There are pronouncements made therein that, by the ensuing events (known to those who have perpetrated them) have proven to be prophetic in nature. From the point of the original presentation to the precipitous culmination of the aforementioned events the span of time stands in approximation to one human gestation period (from conception to birth, in other words).

The events here mentioned have been, in their particularity, neither known, expected, conceived of, nor executed by me, but have been executed upon me, as though punishing me for an offense supposedly committed against others by me. Yet what have I truly done, except answer a call from God, reporting on the same in these pages? Not one thing. In relation to this controversy I have committed no sin, nor have I contemplated doing so. Yet, by the actions of those who would call themselves my dearest and most trustworthy friends, I stand falsely accused of same.

God does not do things according to accepted human norms, because accepted human norms far too often stand in direct opposition to and violation of God. He, therefore, pays no attention to them, but listens, instead, to His own counsel. The details of such arguments have been previously presented in these very pages, so I will not go into them yet again, here. If you would see them read the blog.

Shortly after the presentation of the article in question, I was told that, in spring I would be moving on. There are many ways for such a thing to be fulfilled, well beyond a simple change of address. In the midst of spring several things happened that could be applied to that premonition—indeed to that prophetic word. In the fourth month, on the sixth day of the month in the fourteenth year of my solo sojourn, rather than rail against the withholding of a particular gift, I wrote in expectant thanksgiving for it. In the sixth month, on the twenty-sixth day of the month words written to me were Spiritually echoed to me in reference to the gift spoken of in the aforementioned article, but those words would not adhere to accepted human norms, and so, the echo of them was completely and totally discounted by those who refused to consider their true source, those words not, as one might think or expect, referring to an object, but to a person.

That offhand rejection notwithstanding, on the seventh day of the seventh month of the fourteenth year of my solo sojourn an email was sent to me—without any prior knowledge or expectation on my part—with a recording attached to it, that recording being a performance of the fourth month writing by the very person referred to by the sixth month echo so wantonly rejected by those who refuse to hear.

I have examined my correspondences, and that examination yielded nothing of me having described that writing to the performer of the recording, that same recording having been publicly released online that same day (in spite of my affixed copyright, and without my permission, because the performer has known me as a friend) and accompanying the recording, the following words attended in description of the writing, thus: “it resonates with me.”

So, the Lord speaks to me of a gift; that gift turns out to be not a thing, but a person; in anticipation that a gift is going to be given, I write in thanksgiving for that gift; having no knowledge, from me, regarding that gift (much less the nature of it) the subject of that divine communique records and publicly releases a performance of that writing, saying, “it resonates with me.” Ponder that. Ponder that.

I stand in expectation and obedience to the command given in the words of that echo and here grant an encore presentation of the aforementioned article as testimony against those who, by their own actions, have falsely accused me.

On the Matter of Gifts

Gifts can be a problem—a real problem in your life.Whether through the giving, or the receiving of them, they can be a real problem.

You might wander what I’m talking about, here. Well, I can assure you that I am speaking about a very real problem, here.

Most of the time, a gift is easily dealt with: you kindly and graciously accept it, and you move on in life. Take, as an example, the Weeping Macaw pictured at right. What you see here is a trace, for presentation purposes.

The original is a painting on marble. I didn’t ask for it, but someone thought enough of me, and my service to the homeless and the veterans down in Springfield, Missouri, that it was presented to me as a gift. It has not been an easy thing to carry about, but it was presented to me as a gift by someone who appreciated me, and it is not an impossible, or inappropriate, burden.

Many years, in fact decades, ago, when I was yet a youth, I sought to present a gift to someone that I very greatly appreciated, and I was deeply wounded and heartbroken when it was rejected. When my gift was rejected I felt as if I was also being rejected, and it took a great deal of time and care and effort to show me that that was not the case at all, but that the gift was not allowable.

In such a case, when a gift is not something that you want, or is something that you feel you cannot receive and still be proper, you have a problem. You have to decide which of several concepts is the more important to you.

This perplexity has been presented to me, and I now present it to you, confident that the One who has presented the problem to me has done so in order that I would present it and reason it out with you.

You see the capitalization in the foregoing sentence, so I feel that I don’t really need to loudly announce who it is that has presented this problem to me, but let me say this: that I have been going about, filled with concern and doubt and trepidation for my soul and the life of one who has become very important to me; that they not be led astray—particularly not by one as wanton as I have been known to be—and that I not be led astray, for I have known what I can be.

The presentation of the problem was so shockingly and stunningly simple and direct, and yet in such an unexpected way as to send me reeling along this journey of self-examination and the increasing of the self-doubt already so extant: “Will you accept or reject my gift?”

Even as I write this, some peace has yet returned, for my answer, crude, and ungainly, and fallenness-filled, and trepidatious, yet fervent, and sincere, and disbelievingly hopeful, and, still, in its usual format for such prayers, has gone up.

It is exceedingly difficult to “word out” such a prayer, and I did not even want to give over the space to do so here, but have been ever so gently rebuked in the spirit, so let me simply share the general outline, here: “If this be not of You, then take it away; but if it is of You, then I accept it with all the joy in my heart.” In the past His reaction has always been the same, but has never been preceded by that question, above.

There are, truly, so many relationships, and hearts, and friendships, and expectations, and facets here involved, that the importance of this cannot be overstated, and must needs not be understated.

Certainly there are some who will take this on a more personal level than most would take it, and the importance of that level is not lost on me, but if this question was uttered to me by God, then it is God to whom I must answer, and that is the importance to which I appeal, and to which I must appeal, for there is no one more important to me than God.

Most assuredly, there are innumerable people who lay claim to what I utter here only to make excuses for their own sin, and it is also not lost on me that such is precisely what I have, in the past, been repeatedly accused of by those who, truly, are only making excuses for the sins of women against God and men, executed for the sake of their own wanton lusts and hateful indifference to the fates of the souls of men who suffer, unaided, through the periphery of the lives of those who see life as their own personal beauty pageant.

My heart has been on display for this entire issue, and if you cannot read that then you cannot read. I cannot afford concern for those accusations from such enemies of God; I must concern myself with God.

Whenever anyone is presented with a gift that sends them into such flights of caution and self-examination, are they not considering the source of that presented gift? Is that not the very first thing, in fact, to do? Is that not, indeed, part and parcel of the determination of that presentation as a gift and not a trap? Surely Satan has his pinions in, but God, the scissors that will trim!

When a fellow, fallen sinner is the source or avenue of such a presentation, then it is simpler than when the presentation or exchange is only on the spiritual level, for there you have something concrete to rest your reason on.

Surely in the physical exchange you can still be tricked, and you should stay on guard against such an event, but when the practiced, physical senses are not involved Satan has more leeway and more tools at his disposal and less of our practiced, experiential certainty with which to contend.

You must first discern the source—and take care in doing so, for where the Spiritual Realm is concerned, souls are concerned, and for those souls to which you do harm, God will require the blood of them from your hand. It is that serious—so take it that way.

Only once you have discerned the source can you move on to the weightier matters, for then you must face where your heart truly lays, and that might be no pleasant proposition, for each of us hides skeletons in the dark, for none of us is yet in heaven. Yes, even the most foul, wretched, disgusting filths among us are still ashamed at something—and hide it.

This process will free those skeletons and expose your sin to you, but who do you love more: your sin, or your God? You cannot live with both, you know. You cannot live with both. In the end, and for all eternity, you will have either one or the other. You will not hold both. Scripture tells us that you will have the desires of your heart. But are those desires for God, or for unrighteousness? In the end, you will not hold both.

Now we move to something more serious, something far more grave: Whom do you desire to offend?

Let that sit and bristle for a while, for when you face a presentation such as this, if it be from God there will be offense, for there will be those who think themselves right and true who will not be prepared for where they will find themselves regarding you.

For your own part, let it not be that you actually desire to offend anyone. But whom are you least willing to offend? Years ago I released a recording titled, “Marriage Matters More”, so I ask you: to you, truly, who matters more, God or men?

Do not think that you will not face that choice because God will not share you with the enemy, but will have you to Himself, and any who oppose His will are, in fact, His enemy. Be not His enemy!

Recall, in the fifth paragraph of this article, how I felt when my gift was rejected. Is this not how God feels when His gift is rejected? And He truly knows the heart!!! As I wrote above, “be not His enemy”; do not reject the gift of God.

For my own part, I have done the safest thing I know how. I have exposed my heart to Him; my desires are known. I have not grasped at it with a clenched fist, but have, with open hand, lain it back in His, saying, “Thy will be done!”, hoping against hope that He will lay it back in mine, but acquiescing to His will, and not insisting upon mine, because trusting Him in some things means trusting Him in all.

He is a most loving and gracious God, and He is most serious on the matter of gifts.

New Hymn, "Each and Every Day!"

The hymn for today is a prayer, well said daily, for God to keep you tight upon His path.

This hymn will be available, for a limited time, to be played on MuseScore.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Hymn, "Eternally!"

The hymn for today is a testimony of one seeking the true focus of God, rather than the ear-tickling panderings of those who fake to know Him.

Essentially, “Do not let me wait in vail for something that isn't going to happen, but if it will be then let it be, keeping me faithful in the meanwhile.”

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Friday, August 21, 2015

New Hymn, "Done for Me!"

The hymn for today expresses the ownership of salvation.

This hymn will be available, for a limited time, to be played on MuseScore.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Hymn, "Thy Full Dignity"

The hymn for today is about seeking God.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Hymn, "At the Redeeming Hour!"

The hymn for today speaks of the power and the hour of the providence of God.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Hymn, "Lead Me Home"

The hymn for today is a humble and hurting plea. Just as the door is about to open for you might be when Satan is at his deceitful prime.

This hymn will be available for a limited time to be played on MuseScore.

Monday, August 17, 2015

New Hymn, "My Lord, My Savior King"

The hymn for today is an ACTS Prayer Outline:

Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Chat, "The Truth"

So, why do you believe the Bible is true?

It's an important question, and you can hear some of my reasoning here.

New Hymn, "This Joyful Morn"

The hymn for today is a shout of joy, rejoicing in the light, rejoicing in the harvest, rejoicing in a new day!

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Hymn, "'Don't Give Up,' He Said"

The hymn for today is a salvation song.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

New Hymn, "Heaven's Victory!"

The hymn for today is an exhortation against fear.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Hymn, "He Knows My Pain!"

The hymn for today is about feeling God's pain as he feels yours, and he has not forsaken you.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Hymn, "The Watchman Calls!"

The hymn for today is about being thankful for those who, faithfully, watch over your walk with Christ.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Hymn, "Leading Me!"

The hymn for today speaks to the Prophet's plight, where none but the Lord believes, none but the Lord protects, and none but the Lord may save.

This hymn will be available, for a limited time, to be played on MuseScore.

Monday, August 10, 2015

New Chat, "When the Prophet Calls Your Name"

When the Prophet calls your name will you be David, or will you be Malchijah?

Listen, download, and comment at Pod-o-matic.

New Hymn, "When Word Comes Down"

The hymn for today speaks to the atrocity of not opening your door to those with no place.

For a limited time, this hymn is available to play on MuseScore.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Hymn, "Savior, Come"

The hymn for today is a hymn of national repentance and intercession. Also, as far as I can remember, it is my first written in a minor key, E minor, in this case.

As always, this hymn is available, for a limited time, to play on MuseScore.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

New Hymn, "Hallelujah!"

As always, this hymn will be available, for a limited time, to be played on MuseScore.
You might think that any piece titled as is the hymn for today must be an effusion of joy. You would be wrong. Take the context of the scripture passage cited by the hymn for today as an example. That psalm actually begins, “As the hart pants for streams of water, so my soul longs after Thee, oh God!” This is no shout of joy, but a begging for it. It is of the soul feeling bereft of Heaven’s joy, and seeking hard after it, that the sons of Korah write; it is not a celebration, but a plea: “Lord! Oh Heavenly God! Bring Thy joy to me!”. The author even rebukes his own quailing heart, writing, “Trust in God, for I shall yet praise Him who is my salvation!”
Not for God only, though, does my heart cry, but for those whom my heart loves who have separated themselves from me by their lack of trust, that though I do often misinterpret, I do indeed hear directly from the Lord. Such times do not happen frequently, but they do happen, and these past nine months seem to have been such a time. From the autumn, when the Lord required of me whether I would accept or reject His gift, to the 7th day of the 7th month of the 14th year of my solo sojourn when, with no advance knowledge or anticipation, the first hints of the gift’s arrival came, and I, in my excitement, alienated those whom I had held close because what came was not something that they were prepared to accept, with me, perhaps, stepping a little beyond the command to “wait for her.”
To put it in the terms of the modern hymn, “As the deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after Thee!” When the resisting wall was thrown up by those not fully trusting, I fled to the arms of my Savior, Jesus Christ, and my heart cries out after those who have not believed.
A long time ago, when I was among those whose hearts were inclined to trusting the unsettling things of God, a single mother prayed for God to give her a husband and I, in the silence of my heart’s prayers, agreed, God answering, “I already have!” The following Sunday found me in the rear of the sanctuary of the congregation with which I then attended. I stood at the rear because the service had already begun and I could not yet see a chair open and waiting, when the Spirit of God put His arm across my shoulders and, with the other, pointed to the front of the sanctuary, saying in my spirit, “That’s him!”
I shared the moment with two faithful witnesses and, in a short time, I went to the Wednesday Bible Study in that small home in Illinois to find that the witness whom I had told that was part of that study was away on a trip of some kind when there was an announcement. I kept silent as his Lady phoned him with the news. Before she could even get it out of her mouth, he told her the news, that Laura was getting married to Ed. “What?!? How did you know that?” was his lady’s reply.
He answered her, “God told Bill and Bill told me.”
Those who purport to follow God, though, are not always consistent in their trust and praise, and Laura fled the gift from God, rather than cling to Him in full, trusting obedience and faith. If you doubt me, then ask Ed, who can be found through The one faithfully bringing the message should not be blamed for the dearth of faith found in those who hear.
I, though, must wait for God to work upon the hearts of those who flee.
Am I angry?
Am I frustrated?
Do I trust God?
When, though, will they?
I must wait for the healer of hearts to heal.
Wait here.”
“Right here?”
Right on this spot.”

Yes, Lord. Here I wait. But I could use a little joy while I obey. Amen!

Friday, August 7, 2015

New Hymn, "The Spirit of the Race"

The hymn for today is about running the race.

As always, this score is available, for a limited time, to play on MuseScore.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Hymn, "Guiding Light"

The hymn for today is about the coming of the Light.

As always, this hymn is available, for a limited time, to be played on MuseScore.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Hymn, "Fallow Ground"

You know,

For years and years a particular passage in Proverbs escaped my understanding. Yesterday, while speaking with Casey Starr Long (nee Triplett) and her husband, by faith I stated that I might be beginning to understand it.

Then came the hymn for today, which is an explanation of that passage, and which, for a limited time,can be played on MuseScore.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Hymn, "I Beg for Heaven's Grace"

The hymn for today displays the pain of the single man trying to live out faith in the church of Jezebel that passes for Christianity in these United States.

This hymn, for a limited time, is available to play on MuseScore.

Monday, August 3, 2015

New Hymn, "All Honor, Praise, and Glory"

The hymn for today shows why to praise God in the midst of trials.

The music of this hymn, for a limited time, may be played on MuseScore.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Chat, "Don't Give Up"

Guests: Mike Humphrys, Ellie Jackson (singing Thy Sweet Heart)

Genesis 39: 1-6a; 20f

Hard times do not mean that God is punishing, or has abandoned you; more likely He is shaping you into the tool that He is going to use.

Listen, Download, and/or Comment here

Societal Norms

A few days ago a man began telling me about his fiancée. His only reason for being where he is rather than where he wants to be is that he is waiting for his visa to come through, so that he can go to her.
In our conversation I learned that he is 50 years old, and that he has known her since before she attained majority, a period of 6 years. I could have reacted as others have toward me when they hear things from me that they do not want to hear. Instead I reminded him that a very long time ago a child was born—a very special child. In fact, this child was quite different.
In most relationships the parents do not choose their children—and the children certainly do not choose their parents. Such a thing would be unheard of. Why, it would violate societal norms! Such a thing just is not done! This child, though, was different. This child chose the parents to whom He would be born. This child is the one in command.
How, though, did He choose? Did He follow comfortable expectations? Did He adhere to societal norms? Hardly. He chose to put his own mother in danger of divorce, public ridicule (which still reigns to this day, by the way), destitution, and even death by stoning.
How is that for societal norms? The societal norms, comfortable expectations, and indeed, the Law, was that girls would marry as virgins. To do else was a stoning offense. This child, though, made His own mother be with child before marriage.
Societal norms? Really?
Do you really want to speak of societal norms and argue that God will adhere to them?
OK, then. Let’s talk about societal norms. Shall we?
What is the one ubiquitous common denominator of all human societies? Can you name it? Because I can: it is sinfilthy, disgusting, stinking sin. That is the one and only common denominator as regards human relationship, both to each other and to God.
Societal norms.
People have a tendency, I think, to believe that the way they live is how God wants them to live. It is the “I’m OK, You’re OK” view of reality. That view of reality, though, is seriously flawed, because not one of us lives the way God wants us to live, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” i And when you multiply that effect on a global scale, it truly turns the Divine Stomach.
There is no right society on earth, and there never has been. The very idea that God should adhere to the norms and expectations of a society that cost Him His one and only Son is the very height, breadth and depth of sinful, filthy, human hubrisand nothing more.
Oh! Now you want to speak of avoiding the very appearance of sin! Was Mary allowed to avoid the very appearance of sin, or did God bathe her in that appearance? In that society, women were stoned for less!
Again, people have a most unfortunate tendency to think that their way is the righteous way. The problem there is that, “there is no one righteous, not even one; there is no one who understands; there is no one who seeks after God; all have turned to their own way and together become useless; there is no one who executes righteousnessnot even one.” ii
Those who think they are living well and good think they know more than God, think themselves better than God, and in fact, could not be further away from God than where they really are.
God is not obligated to seek approval from them before He acts in this world, nor is He obligated to adhere to their expectations. God is only obligated to be God.
For unto us a child is born; unto us a Son is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulders, and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Father of Eternity, Prince of Peace.” iii
Mighty God.
Mighty God!
Mighty God!
Isaiah saw it. How is it that, even after the fact, you do not?
God chose His parents for His sojourn in this worldand He did not follow societal norms when He came. Joseph is said to have been a righteous man. Even he would have divorced her quietly, to avoid the scandal that he thought she deserved. Even her own family largely did not stand by her. Indeed the only family that did stand by her was the only family who was herself pregnant by a miracle of God, that being her elderly cousin Elizabeth. Everyone else thought scandalously about her. That is what God brought upon her by His divine choice of how to enter this world.
Is God evil?
Societal norms.
Either societal norms are good, or God is good. You cannot have it both ways.
Societal norms shoehorn people into comfortable rebellion against God—and all while being so convinced that they are living righteously. Don’t you see that God is so pleased with them? Indeed, so pleased is He that He sends fires, earthquakes, floods, storms, mass shootings; disaster after disaster He sends, and all the while they sit back in their comfort and say, “It’s not because of me! I follow societal norms!
Societal norms!
Don’t you see that it was societal norms that drove Jesus Christ to the cross?
Don’t you see that it was societal norms that caused God to commit suicide on our behalf?
You don’t like hearing that, do you?
Explain to me, then, how laying oneself upon the cross, knowing what was to come was not suicide!
God committed suicide so that He would not have to execute you in your societal norms!
Societal norms, indeed!
Do you want God dead?
Or do you want Him alive and well, and beckoning you into His arms?
Take up your cross and follow me!” iv
That is the command. “Take up your rights”? No. “Take up your comforts”? No. Take up your societal norms”? NO! NO! NO!
Take up your own execution! Take up your cross!
And follow Him.
Expect persecution. Expect vilification. Expect lies. Expect false accusations. Expect slander. Expect betrayal from those whom you thought your friends. Expect martyrdom.
Expect death.
Expect the cross. Expect the cross to loom large and undeniable in your life. And then
Expect Jesus Christ!

Why would I receive a gift so fine,
A treasure beyond worth?
Why would such a wretch as I have been
Be treasured upon the earth?
Am I only imagining?
Or am I hearing clear,
That the Creator of all would give
To me a gift so dear?

I’ll take Jesus, thank you very much!
You may keep your societal norms!

iRomans 3:23
iiRomans 3:10-12
iiiIsaiah 9:6
ivLuke 9:23

A Tri-fold PDF of this article can be downloaded here.

Saturday, August 1, 2015