Saturday, November 29, 2014

I Have Been

Some mornings interesting things happen to me. This morning, I was struggling with my hopes, wishes and dreams, being argumentative in my spirit; not wanting to offend my Lord, but needing to bare my soul regarding certain things of which He bears full knowledge. During this skirmish I started to become depressed, and began to no longer see the hope for which He came. It was during this bout of depression that the poem you see below came to me, and I thought that I should share it.

I Have Been
for this I have come into the world” John 18:37

To the halls of ostentation
And the palaces of the poor;
I have seen the mighty fortress
Of the sin of those who soar.
I have seen the wicked prideful—
Down their nose their gazes bore;
I have seen the anguished pleading,
Wounded hearts with open sores.

I have felt the nails arrogant—
Through my palms and heels they bore;
I have felt the pain and anguish
Of the generous and pure.
How my heart goes out before them
To the King of all that’s sure,
That He know their awful suff’ring
In a melody so pure!

As they nail me to Mount Calv’ry
I look down and see the shore
Of the river of salvation
Flowing from me, flush and sure!
For this suffering I came here,
Thus to open up the door
To a right and true relation
To the King of all that’s pure!
©2014 William F. Maddock