Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Hymn, "Though Dark Clouds May Circle"

Last night I had an audio-only dream, and had it several times through the night: the cry of a circling vulture. But such things have no power over those who are in Christ. We are free from the law of sin and death!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Hymn, (from yesterday) "Look Unto the Lord"

I don’t know what happened to yesterday’s post, but here it is again:

The hymn for today (yesterday) is guidance for those who are single, seeking to be married. This will seem harsh to many women. When women make themselves attractive to the eye they are not seeking to attract your soul, but your flesh. Those women who seek to make themselves attractive to the eye are not sufficiently interested in the condition of your soul to be worth the risk to your soul of pursuing them. Pursue God, and let Him show you your wife.

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New Hymn, "Praise to the Son of God"

The hymn for today is set to a western theme (one can almost hear the clip-clop of hooves), but the true theme is still that middle-eastern salvation by the grace of Christ.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Hymn, "When Dark Times Invade My Spirit"

The hymn for today is a calling to gather together with the Family of Faith, especially during those darkest of times.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

New Hymn, "Oh, Lord, I Cry!"

The hymn for today is a beseeching for one I Love, indeed an anthem of intercessory Love. I beg of you: Pray fervently for this sweet soul!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Obama, Christianity, and Homosexual Marriage

Sometimes I appear as a guest on News and Views, on Channel 24 KNLC in St. Louis. I am currently the producer of that program, so, sometimes I get a bit of a bully pulpit (though I try not to take too much advantage of it).

Recently, I had the boldness to directly address President Obama, essentially telling him that if his claim to Christianity is sincere, then he needs to do something about the Islamic extremists that are currently slaughtering Christians in the Middle East. A viewer was upset with that phrasing.

I stand by that phrasing.

This article, from Life Site News, makes it clear that the Obama administration, though having essential intel that could put an end to that slaughter in certain countries, is actively withholding it from nations that oppose homosexual marriage.

It would seem, therefore, that it is more important to President Obama to cram perversion down the throats of the world, than to even give nations a chance to save Christian lives.

Does that really sound like the actions of a genuine Christian to you?

New Hymn, "Heaven's Holy Lamb!"

The hymn for today is a prayer for the Second Coming.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Side-Splitting Guffaw-Fest for the True Bible Scholar

Just be certain that you’re properly prepared before you click the link. Then make sure you read the comments section. I’m fairly uncertain that there’s a single functional brain cell in the entire lot.

Brain-Dead Liberal LGBT Article and Comments 

Missourians Show Common Sense In Spite of Distortions, Lies, and Propaganda

In Springfield, in Southwest Missouri, voters repealed a law like those being used nationwide by the homosexual agenda in its war against Christianity.

New Hymn, "Tattered and Torn"

There are times when the faithful see a national need for repentance, for a singing of psalms of repentance. And how can that be accomplished except someone write them down? This, then, is the hymn for today: a psalm of national repentance.

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Tattered and Torn
weeping were all the people, having heard
  the words of the Torah.”      Nehemiah 8:9

Oh, Lord our God, we are tattered and torn
By the iniquities that we have worn!
Stained by our guiltiness, blood we have shorn
Out of the innocent that Thou hast borne!
Leaning, in rags, we are, on broken reeds,
Shattered by dignity false as our deeds!

Slandering those who, in goodness, have led
To lives of righteousness; on them we’ve fed!
Tearing their souls apart, blood running red
From the sore wounded hearts that we have bled!
Forcing them to their knees, laughing; instead
Inside we feel our need, fallen and dead!

Oh, Lord, come forth and bring life to our souls,
And in true dignity that we can hold,
Bring forth the hyssop branch that it be told
Our sins are scrubbed away, and with new souls
Cleansed in Thy shedding blood, renewed and whole,
Repented of our sins, our hand Thou holds!

Looking to Calvary whose nails Thou hold
As if the world would spin out of control
Should You release the grip that binds Thy soul
To our iniquities that sealed our souls
Into the torment of unending night,
From which You rescue us into Thy Light!
©2015 William F. Maddock

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Homosexual Agenda’s War on Christianity

The first time I posted about this (on Yahoo News, in the comments section of this article), it disappeared faster than I could take a screenshot. The second time I posted about it I took steps in an effort to ensure some measure of durability. First, I reposted it on Google+, including a link to the article involved, and now, posting here, including both links to the article, and a screenshot of the post, proving the initial reaction to it.

Those who doubt my assessment of this situation can check me by going to the Scripture to see what it says. You will find that, essentially, it says that those who refuse the mark are barred from buying and selling (in other words, participating in business transactions).

For long generations Satan has sought to distract from the true message of Revelation 13:17—wherein, if you cannot be associated with the Mark you cannot buy or sell—by spreading nonsense about the different technologies that come along—technologies of which the writer of Revelation knew—and cared—nothing whatever about, because they are beside the point of the passage and miss it entirely.

Look closely at the tactics being used, and beware. In every case that has hit the media (that I am aware of) the homosexual agenda and its allies have sought out those business people whom they know in advance will refuse to participate in celebrating sin, then threaten to drag them into court in order to intimidate them into violating their faith, and, if that fails, then they do drag them into court, with the sole purpose of destroying that business, so that they cannot participate in buying or selling in the marketplace. This is happening right before our eyes, and it is straight out of Revelation 13:17. As I wrote above, if you doubt me, examine it for yourselves.

This is not about Christians hating, but about Christians being hated—attacked, hated, slandered and vilified—by those who hate the one true and living God, who is Jesus Christ, the one and only Savior of the world, who forgives all who repent and abandon their sins to follow Jesus Christ, but leaves open the gates to eternal torment on all those who refuse repentance, insisting upon celebrating their sins, in open rebellion against the merciful, loving and peace-bringing teaching of God.

The war—and the proverbial ball—is in the court of those who are insisting upon attacking the Christians. If they wish to end this, all they need do is to seek out those who are willing to participate in celebrating their sins—and leave the unwilling in peace.

New Hymn, "Let Your Light Shine Through the Night!"

The hymn for today is a prayer for deliverance.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Hymn, "Bereft"

The hymn for today is an exhortation to trust in the One who provides.

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In the Midst!

Where is God amid the lies? Where is God amid the slanders that arise? Where is God when people invent all manner of foul accusations against you and foul your reputation in the world? Where is God when injustice reigns and evil and wickedness hold sway and you see no end where justice can sweep in and deliver the righteous from the furies of hell? Where is God when the perpetrator acts as accuser and is believed? When teachers of the Scripture shout down just protestations and accuse the victim instead of facing down their attackers who are the real source of evil in a situation, where is God? When good men die at evil hands, Where is God? When professional media believes—and publishes—blatant slanders rather than investigating and publishing the truth, where is God? When the defenseless are slaughtered in their tens of millions, the perpetrators calling it their right, and the black-robed elitist oligarchs that pass for government these days back them up rather than stand for the rights of the defenseless, where is God? When perversion’s militancy rears its ugly head and targets those who believe and have the courage to stand for what the Scripture says, seeking to have their right to participate in commerce removed and get them referred to as bigots and haters by those who specifically target them for their faith because they refuse to commit what they see as sin against God, and the “champions” of rights refuse to stand with them, where is God?
Beloved, I could go on and on with that series of questions and accusations, but at some point does it not turn into an attack upon God Himself? Truly, brethren, does it not?
Let us not stray into the realm of attacking God for the actions of those who are not God, as has so often been the case among our adversaries. Let us not fall into that pit of despair!
Blessed are the poor… the meek… the hungry… the thirsty… the persecuted…”i
Why? Do you not remember, precious? “For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven!”ii The most gut-wrenching, convicting, soul-ripping sermon of all time begins with the beatitudes, calling down blessings upon those who are weakly, yet valiantly, trying to walk with Christ; upon those who know they have no right, because they are not right. Rather, they seek the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.
Certainly they cry out to God in times of injustice and terror and impending martyrdom, but they do so knowing the grace of God, and expecting His gracious reply.
Do you see the hymn attached to this post? Do you see the crying out and the wailing? Above all, do you see the reply? “When to the least of these you do, there am I! Out in the darkness, far from Light will you hide? Come unto Me all who labor, Weary, in need of rest! I am the fountain filled with Life! Come to me and be blessed!”
You cannot know the support of God until you are depending on God, as the last resort, as the final shield, as the last line of defense, as the long-awaited Champion on a white charger, coming to sweep you out of defeat and into victory at that very final moment before death would forever close your eyes. Without such an experience can you really and honestly claim to know His deliverance—when you have never really been delivered from anything by Him?
Can you?
When you have never been shocked by victory is it really honest to claim that you have been snatched from the jaws of defeat? Really?
Come now, beloved! Let us reason together! How can you proclaim victory if you have fought no battles? How can you be called a conqueror having fought no wars? If you claim to have won the battle on your own how do you know God was in it?
It is only when God fights the battle and wins the war that you get to see the power of God in your life, acting for you on your behalf so that you can know for a fact that you are His and His alone.
God sees the lies; He sees the slanders. He sees them and He knows them because He has went through them Himself. Do you not remember that it is written that they claimed that He drove out demons by the prince of demons? Do you not remember how they twisted His love of the downtrodden repentant into an accusation of a love for sin?
Whatever you do to the least of these you do unto Me!”iii Jesus is with you in all that you suffer. He has, indeed suffered it all Himself, and Him most unjustly, for He is the forever innocent Son of God, Angel of the Most High, Messenger of the Almighty, God in flesh.
Do you remember Cleopas and his companion, walking on the road to Emmaus? They were discussing all that had happened when, unrecognized, Jesus came upon them and gave them the message out of the Scriptures that they had at the time, the Old Testament, that, indeed, the Messiah had to suffer through what Jesus went through in order to be the all-righteous deliverer from sin.
It was in the time recounted in the Book of Acts that believers came to be called Christian, the term used meaning “Little Christ”. Yet, this was no attempt to honor, but to mock, for Christ suffered and died on a Roman cross, and these were suffering likewise.
People who claim to be Christian and yet shrink from suffering—indeed, caving in to sin in order to avoid suffering—are calling the lie upon their own claim to Christ. As a matter of fact, it makes little if any difference if someone claims Christ. The real, true, and visceral difference comes when Christ claims someone.
That someone is no longer their own. They are a bondslaveiv to Jesus Christ, the awl of Divine Love having pierced their ear, and the jewelry of the power of God being worn publicly upon their very lives.
God is not a God of love only, but of righteousness and justice and Truth. And into the lives of those around the bondslave to Him He will speak these things.
Those who do not belong to God will react as demons do, spouting hatred and slander and terror in an effort to shout down the Word of Truth.
Are you suffering because of having publicly taken a stand for Christ? Then why do you fret and moan? Do you not remember the treasure?
Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are the mournful, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are the hungry and thirsty for righteousness, for they shall be fed. Blessed are the actively compassionate, for they shall see compassion. Blessed are the clean of heart, for they shall behold God. Blessed are the peaceful, for they shall be called Children of God. Blessed are those persecuted for righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are you when reviled, persecuted, and viciously slandered for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for your reward is great in Heaven, for so they persecuted the Prophets who were before you!”v
So, when you suffer slander, and lies, and wickedness, and injustice, and persecutions, and vilifications, and all manner of evil for Christ, where is He? He is right there with you, in the midst!

i Matthew 5:3-12
ii Matthew 5:3,10
iii Matthew 25:31-45
iv Deuteronomy 15:12-18

Monday, April 6, 2015

MooBunny Update

While the site is still at its accustomed URL, the message John posted on General is no longer there, so I wanted to make sure that this message could also be preserved.

My previous post in this series can be found here.

New Hymn, "Thy Sweet Heart"

The hymn for today is a prayer to see clearly by divine sight.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Moobunny Forum Being Taken Down by Owner

Yeah, the language is a little salty, but you gotta understand what he’s reacting to. Some of the users started charting out plans to grab the forum’s data files in order to start up a new forum in its place. Basically, they were planning to steal his data, just as you see him saying in the screenshot above.

Of course, this is Easter weekend, so I suppose people could hold out hope for a resurrection of sorts. The problem with such hope is that John Shepard is not a believer and has, at times in the past, displayed hatred for those who are believers, so I wouldn’t expect to see him trying to parallel Jesus’ resurrection.

Perhaps, though, another forum, from a different owner might pop up in its place tomorrow.

We’ll see.

New Hymn, "Elohi Abraham!"

Using passages from the Prophets and the Pentateuch, the hymn for today directs you to the cross of Christ.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Angie's List Acting Like Paragon While Inundated by Fraud Cases

Gay Marriage Supporter Calls out Gay Totalitarianism

New Hymn, "Make Me Clean!"

Today was to have been the day that the Federal Court would hear oral arguments in our lawsuit against the City of St. Louis, these arguments being made to obtain a temporary restraining order from the Court to prevent the city from shutting our headquarters down. Yesterday, though, we received word that the city had admitted that they would not be ready for the hearing, and a date all the way into September was being bandied about. The leaders of our ministry seem to be taking this to mean that we have nothing to worry about until September, there having been a stay of the hearing.
I am wary.
This city has been, for many long years, bathing itself in filth and deceit, and I would not trust them for a single instance of Plank Time. Our guard should stay high, prepared, and strong.
Against sin and temptation of all varieties, in fact, our guard should at all times remain high, prepared, and strong.
For the last few days I have been suffering the pangs of romantic loneliness, longing for old flames, and tempted by the thoughts of newer ones.
And I have been weakening.
This morning was particularly desperate, in fact.
You might cleverly find ways of celebrating your desperate, but “successful”, stand against temptation, but even the entertainment, even if only in your mind, of such longed for events is still sin. Read the Sermon on the Mount if you doubt my warning!
The hymn for today illustrates the proper response.
I am desperate for Your grace and destitute of strength!
Rescue me, oh my Savior, Jesus! Rescue me!