Friday, May 27, 2016

Without the Light

St. Louis Amigan, June 2016 Issue 
What is askew, above, and what is upright? As a Christian I know that Christ is always upright. Yes, even on the cross, Jesus Christ was completely and perfectly upright and righteous. Even when it appears otherwise, Jesus Christ is always upright, so when something must be askew, be it Christ or the world, Christ is upright. Therefore, it is the world that is askew, and not Christor those who walk with Himbecause Christ is always upright.
Therefore, if we were to level our sight with that of Christthat is, with that of Godwe would see things as they really and truly are.

It is the world that is askew, that is slanting and tilting toward sin. In the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien he tells the story of a once-righteous world that was tilting more and more toward sin, and when it had gone too farwhen it had leaned too farthat world fell into the abyss and was destroyed.
Numenor is not just fiction. It relates to the Biblical story of the flood, of a world that was tilting and pining toward sin. When it had gone too far God destroyed that world along withsave the truly faithfuleveryone in it.
Our world, too, is tiltingand tilting too far.
As ever, the wicked think they are the righteous and God the wicked; and if you seek to stand with Godmeaning the one true and living God rather than the god of their imaginations—then the evil will call you evil, thinking themselves to be righteous.
Even these words here they will call self-serving and false. But calling the Bibleand therefore, its adherentswicked and evil, is the declaration of a liar. It is the declaration of one who seeks to justify their own twisted and filthy life. The one who works to have that which the Word of God calls depravity, rebellion, and abomination good, and righteous and honorable is working against God. They are, in fact, the enemy of God, and not His friendand therefore, not yours.
Be on your guard with them. Live God-honoring and fruitful lives in their sight that they may see the true blessings of God and turn away from their depravity and to the Light of Life that is only found in Jesus Christ. As it is indelibly written,
The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it.” 11
The darkness cannot exist without the Light, for without Light what is darkness? It is an ephemeral thing that cannot be seen, for it is the Light that enables us to see. Without the Light to see what is there for us to be? We cannot exist without the Light.
By Him were all things made, and without Him nothing has been made that has been made.” 22 We are not eternal. Therefore we are made. We are, therefore, made by Him. We cannot exist without the Light.
It is a sure sign of just how twisted and depraved the world has become that they seek to wipe out the existence of the One by whom they are made—without whom they cannot exist. He has made us, and maintains us, untwists us, and saves us. In seeking to destroy Him, we destroy ourselves.
We cannot exist without the Light.
In their self-destructive fervor they believe every lie spouted by the Beast, for they have taken his mark upon themselves and within themselves. They have taken the mark of the Beast.
Witness their lives and see that I do not lie. Look at what they do, and at what the Light Himself has said. It deceives the inhabitants of the earth by the signs it makes before the beast, telling them to make an image of the beast… it causes all, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, and the free and the slave to be marked in their right hand and in their forehead so that not one be able to go to market or trade if not taking the mark of the beast.” 33
What of those bakers who have refused the wicked agenda, who have remained faithful to Christ in their declarations and in their lives? What is the purpose of fining a mom and pop bakery $135,000 for refusing to make a cake in celebration of a perversion, of a wicked and evil deception, of marriage, if not to bar them from the marketplace?
And it is not just one isolated incident, for throughout the land people are being dragged before magistrates for choosing the Light rather than the mark. States are being threatened with a deprivation of federal funds for demanding that their inhabitants behave themselves, and state after state is rising up in rebellion against the tin-plated dictator with delusions of godhood who would bring such threats against them as, once again, our nation rushes headlong into civil war in order to determine whether or not to remain under the thumb of this satanic little puppet of the beast that reigns in the hearts of wicked men.
You have a choice, therefore, presented and lain out before you. It is a choice between the Sonrise and the night. It is a choice between the darkness and the Light.
We cannot exist without the Light.
1John 1:5
2John 1:3
3Revelation 13:14-17