Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sometimes even The Stream does not Like the Truth

I have been engaged in a "discussion" with a "reverend" who doesn't think Revelation 13:16-17 is an important passage for Christians to live by. As part of that "discussion" I posted the following comment, which moderators at the conservative news site The Stream have refused to approve:

What's to interpret? The mark on your hand is your deeds and actions; the mark on your forehead is your thoughts and affinities. When these betray a love of that which God calls rebellion, you have marked yourself as belonging to the enemy of God. The whole of Scripture, New Testament and Old, refers to homosexual practices as sin. Sin is, therefore, a rebellion against God. Taking the Mark of the Beast is marking yourself as belonging to the Beast rather than to God. There is no third choice. Either you belong to Jesus, or you belong to Satan. When you force (or coerce) people to commit acts or thoughts that God calls rebellion you are acting on Satan's behalf, not God's. You are committing Spiritual rape. If you disagree with this assessment then the only place you are reverent to is hell. It is that serious. Your eternity is at stake. Satan has you imprisoned and the only escape is for you to repent and take the mark of God instead of the mark of the Beast.

I stand by what I have written.