Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Come to the Arms of the King!

Last night, and into the night, and into today, I was feeling the lack of the love once professed, from a heart that, now, seems as cold as the inside of the core of the heart of darkness. I know that this is the one that God intended for me. There are many reasons I know this to be true, but they are still free to choose. Detail after detail after detail, once I find it, points to God. Even the first letters of the name by which I know them are a transliteration of the Hebrew diminutive for God. I, therefore, know it to be true, but they have freedom to choose. It makes me wonder if they have ever asked God what to choose.

Is it wise for me to ask why He keeps them so completely far from me? Rather, let me take up my cross and follow Him, forgetting, perhaps, that they even have ever been born.

Oh! How I wish I could!

 Father, forgive a lonely, wounded, broken heart for crying out in pain, and let it know your Love, again! Amen!

What you should see in the passage above is not antipathy, but pain; not hatred, but love.

How many times! How many times have you caused another such pain that they could bring themselves to wish that they never even knew that you had ever existed? Don’t be afraid of it. Face it! If you never face your guilt you will never know forgiveness because you will not see your need. If you only ever make excuses you are making excuses for hell, when all the while, God wants you in Heaven.

He is willing to forgive. You, though, need to repent.

You see, those who refuse to repent are refusing to be forgiven. The most glorious prize in all existence is waiting for them, but it is waiting for them at the foot of a cross. If you will not look on the cross you will never see what waits there for you. If you will never approach and embrace that cross you will never receive what is there for the taking because it is under the cross, and you have to take up your cross to follow Him.

When you lay your cross down you pinion Him to it so that He cannot lead you. Because of this you must take up your cross every day and follow Him, following Him wherever He may go.

The prize is yours for the taking.

Take up your cross, and follow.


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