Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Top 10 IQs

As a general matter of course, I deal with a pretty miserable group of people online. They seem to think the only way to feel important is in the destruction of other people’s reputations, whether by general slander or direct insult. Of course, all of the ones in this group claim to be atheists. I, though, recently found a list that could be of interest to all of those self-appointed “scholars”, who love to go around claiming that anyone who believes in God is some kind of malformed idiot.

It is a list of the world’s Top 10 confirmed IQs, along with the metaphysical leanings of each entrant:

Andrew Magdy Kamal IQ: 231 Christian

Abdessellam Jelloul IQ: 198 Theist (believes in God, but no specifics known)

Christopher Michael Langan IQ: 195 Theist (believes in God, but no specifics known)

Terence Tao IQ: 220-230 Unknown (doesn
t talk about it)

Christopher Hirata IQ: 225 Christian

Evangelos Katsioulis IQ: 198 Christian

Rick Rosner IQ: 192 non-Atheist (has publicly denied being an atheist)

Mislav Predavec IQ: 192 Christian

Gary Kasparov IQ: 190 Christian

Kenneth Ferrell IQ: 190 Christian

So, in spite of the loud and rude claims of those Internet heroes who claim to be “scholars”, out of the Top 10 IQ holders in the entire world, not one of them can be confirmed as an atheist. Not one. Imagine that.