Tuesday, October 28, 2014

God Forgive America

A Prayer for America
I exhort, therefore, first of all, make without delay, supplications, prayers, intercessions,
 thanksgivings for all men, for Kings and all those in authority.” 1 Timothy 2:1-2

God forgive America,
Homeland of my birth,
And revive her flagging soul
To receive Thy grace!
Once the land of freedom, bound
To Thy laws of faith,
Now, look on her sinful heart;
Cover not Thy face!

Driven now by wickedness,
Forging forth to hell,
Once she bore Your Word abroad
And that sword was fell!
Standing ’stride the raging path
Of despots from hell,
Now, blood fifty million strong
Bathes her soul in hell!

What moral imperative
Has, since, ferried her
O’er the judgment of Thy wrath
from erring to err?
Thinking herself good as God,
Guidance her has failed,
For she listens not to Thee,
But to errors hailed!

Turn her, Lord God, back to Thee,
Covered by Thy grace!
Riven on the cross for thee,
Look upon the face
Of the Lord God Jesus Christ,
Love upon His face,
And turn from your wickedness
By amazing grace!

Singing hymns you don’t believe,
Crocodilian tears
Skitter down your witheredness,
Shielding you from tears
Flowing from the victim hearts
Of your raging sin!
Turn, you, now to Jesus Christ,
Who beckons you in!
©2014 William F. Maddock

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