Sunday, October 26, 2014

A reversal of fortune

       One day you have it all – The American Dream – The next day you wonder where your next meal is coming from, where you are going to sleep and will you be safe. This is a situation that happens all too frequently. It knows no physical, cultural, racial or economic boundaries. I know this only too well as it happened to me. Even though I “lost it all”, I have never felt my faith diminish. I was born into the Anglican faith (parents both Brits), baptized and have always felt that the Lord was with me. As a young person (and well into my 30s) I still maintained my faith even as I pursued the dream of good job, family and a good house, etc. When I became alone and homeless, my faith “reaffirmed” itself to me. It took losing everything and spending a LONG time on the streets for me to see what I truly had, and in fact had all along – MY FAITH. Even when I was hungry, living moment to moment I knew that my Lord was with me, guiding my steps.
      Everything happens for a reason and I know that my Lord has a purpose for me, a purpose not fully revealed as yet. Every day I am thankful for the chance to do His work and grow as a Christian. Every day has highs and lows,  breakthroughs and roadblocks but through it all I know who guides my hand and heart. I feel more grounded and focused and am glad to say that my original reversal of fortune has come full circle but instead of property and money and all that goes with it, I have what REALLY matters – happiness, purpose and fellowship.