Friday, October 31, 2014

Regarding Peacefulness on Halloween

When you have stopped living a selfish life and have begun living fully and completely for Christ, there is a peace that reigns. Sometimes, it is the peace of a foggy morning, where even the wind is at rest. Perhaps, it is of a brook playing quietly over the rocks. Maybe it is of the quietly vibrant colors of a sunset, tickling at your eyes, relieving your heart of tears. It could be of the loving eyes of one who looks on you with no fear, peaceful and content simply to be in your presence. For some it is the simple sight of an open door to which they are not barred. For others it might be the child-like game of placing your foot wherever the Savior leads. For yet others it can be the baleful cry of a siren signaling “All is clear; be at rest!”

Father, lead us by Thy sight
To that place where all is right
Lead us to that golden peace
Found within Thy sure release

Christ always leads!

Even on Halloween!

Happy Halloween!