Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Obama, Christianity, and Homosexual Marriage

Sometimes I appear as a guest on News and Views, on Channel 24 KNLC in St. Louis. I am currently the producer of that program, so, sometimes I get a bit of a bully pulpit (though I try not to take too much advantage of it).

Recently, I had the boldness to directly address President Obama, essentially telling him that if his claim to Christianity is sincere, then he needs to do something about the Islamic extremists that are currently slaughtering Christians in the Middle East. A viewer was upset with that phrasing.

I stand by that phrasing.

This article, from Life Site News, makes it clear that the Obama administration, though having essential intel that could put an end to that slaughter in certain countries, is actively withholding it from nations that oppose homosexual marriage.

It would seem, therefore, that it is more important to President Obama to cram perversion down the throats of the world, than to even give nations a chance to save Christian lives.

Does that really sound like the actions of a genuine Christian to you?