Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Hymn, "Tattered and Torn"

There are times when the faithful see a national need for repentance, for a singing of psalms of repentance. And how can that be accomplished except someone write them down? This, then, is the hymn for today: a psalm of national repentance.

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Tattered and Torn
weeping were all the people, having heard
  the words of the Torah.”      Nehemiah 8:9

Oh, Lord our God, we are tattered and torn
By the iniquities that we have worn!
Stained by our guiltiness, blood we have shorn
Out of the innocent that Thou hast borne!
Leaning, in rags, we are, on broken reeds,
Shattered by dignity false as our deeds!

Slandering those who, in goodness, have led
To lives of righteousness; on them we’ve fed!
Tearing their souls apart, blood running red
From the sore wounded hearts that we have bled!
Forcing them to their knees, laughing; instead
Inside we feel our need, fallen and dead!

Oh, Lord, come forth and bring life to our souls,
And in true dignity that we can hold,
Bring forth the hyssop branch that it be told
Our sins are scrubbed away, and with new souls
Cleansed in Thy shedding blood, renewed and whole,
Repented of our sins, our hand Thou holds!

Looking to Calvary whose nails Thou hold
As if the world would spin out of control
Should You release the grip that binds Thy soul
To our iniquities that sealed our souls
Into the torment of unending night,
From which You rescue us into Thy Light!
©2015 William F. Maddock