Monday, October 31, 2016

Jeremiah's Sorrow

How turned around is a society when the only large, public organization that is actually fighting for truth is an outfit that most people think of as a shadow organization that really ought to be in jail? How near the precipice when news comes out of scandal on high and, rather than react in outrage, the people can barely stifle a yawn? When the people’s informers cry out in mock outrage over perceived faults of their opponents (all the while taking secret part in greater evil themselves), how long until the anvil falls? When the gavel falls there yet may be appeals, but when the anvil falls it’s over, for death hears no appeals; when you viper-strike at Jesus, your head’s crushed by His heel!

This year brings what is quite possibly the most critical Presidential election in the entire history of the United States of America. For decades the elites have ignored, mocked and ridiculed warning after warning after warning until we have, finally, arrived at the point when an aspirant to the highest human office in that God-given land, rather than repent and seek His guidance, would cut off God’s great hand, and the people keep their silence with history at hand. Is this Jeremiah’s sorrow, or dawn of a new day?

But, then you have the other, with counselors at hand, surrounding him with mercy, and grace from divine hands, the light of truth poured in him as their Lord doth command. A suckling babe, at best, is he, to follow God’s command, but truth and life march through him, ignoring Hell’s demand that says he must be silent for sin has stained his hand. But God, in His sweet mercy, has conquered Satan’s stand and washed away rebellion to stand at Heaven’s hand.

Oh, light was dimmed at Calv’ry as Hell partied that day, but gripless was his reach that day, for greed burdened his hands. Addicted to rebellion, the light slipped through death’s hands! And, Oh! The shout of triumph as demons fled away, for salvation yet liveth! The stone is cast away!

Look, now, on Heaven’s triumph and cast all doubt away! Let nothing stand between you and victory this day, for Jesus’ resurrection can pay your debt each day. It dwindles and it dwindles as greed is washed away; the lusting after power cannot His servants sway. In whitened robes they cometh, washed white from sins’ dark stains! The cure for putrefaction is Christ alive today, ensconced in Heaven’s glory and reigning there to stay.

There is but one righteous choice in this Presidential election year, and that is to get up off your collective duffs, go to the polls and vote. The one with Jesus’ wisdom will know which part to say. The woman of rebellion must not control the day.

As each new day goes by more corruption in her party is shown in light of day. When you compare the behaviors and the platforms of each of the two major political parties in the United States today there is only one that even tries to do things Heaven’s way. On the left you have a party whose leadership habitually shouts down any attempt at righteousness and takes up Satan’s way, while on the right, while you do, of course, have fallen people (as we are all that way), you also have a laundry list of Biblical aspirations to guide society’s way.

The difference has been spoken, as if it’s night and day. Cast off your foolish pride to think you know God’s way. How many would have welcomed when Saul knocked on that day? But he was Heaven’s servant, as Trump might be today.

Think, people! Get your head out from between your cheeks and think! There is one choice to make.
William F. Maddock
October 31, 2016; 9:36 pm