Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Pagan Lapdog or a Return to Christian Principles in Government?

The last time that a Democratic President of the United States lived out his term, and a different Democrat succeeded him, that different Democrat was James Buchanan, in 1856, succeeding Franklin Pierce, 160 years ago—before Republicans came in and put an end to legalized slavery in the United States of America. Democrats did not do that; Republicans did.

How minorities can be so snookered into believing that Republicans hate them is far beyond me, because it simply is not true, and history supports my stance that it has never been true.

Americans might be weak, and fall into very bad choices repeatedly, but we’re not stupid. Democrats in the Oval Office very quickly wear out their party’s welcome (as history amply demonstrates) largely by doing things that are against the faith that started our nation.

Obama has been that in spades.

Now we have Hillary Clinton trying to succeed him, but blatant scandal is snapping at her heals, and might be about to bring her down.

Donald Trump might not be the ideal Republican candidate, but nothing could be worse than another Democrat, following on the heals of the Obama disaster. Wickedness and evil now stalk this land, and Hillary Clinton would bring more of the same. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has established an advisory council that has included, but is not limited to, such names as James Robison, Tony Suarez, Ralph Reed, James MacDonald, Richard Land, David Jeremiah, James Dobson, and Michele Bachmann.

In other words, one of the two main Presidential Candidates is seeking Christian council from those who have an intimate knowledge of the Scriptures, while the other gives no indication other than her apparent intension to wipe Christianity off the face of the land.

People have been so often deluded into claiming that this or that person “is the Anti-Christ” that, these days, even bringing up the subject is libel to get you laughed out of your forum, and even those who do bring it up suffer from this seemingly undying misapprehension of the term, as used by the Apostle who actually coined it in Holy Scripture. The only times he used it was in referring to people who had positioned themselves against Christ, perhaps even while claiming to be His follower.

Again, Obama has been that in spades.

Before you go out and vote next month, consider this: do you want his lapdog succeeding him, or would you prefer a return to Christian principles in government? As I said, one is at least trying to be for you, while the other is not.

The Founding Fathers made us the government of this land, not some pack of wild jackal elites in a far distant land. WE THE PEOPLE are the government in this land, and it is about time we started acting like it.

Stop kowtowing to the lies of the liberally listing mainstream media, who has given up all but the pretense to a balanced presentation.

There is a new media at hand, and against the onslaught of the left-wing elites that want to continue—and permanently establish—the status quo that insists upon treating the faithful like brain-damaged miscreants, they are instead bravely and forthrightly speaking truth to power. That is, to you, the WE THE PEOPLE that the Constitution of the United States has established as the true government in this land.

It is time to get up off of your milder sensibilities and into the fight, which is a fight for this nation’s very life. Your nation needs you, and it needs you now.