Sunday, June 5, 2016

New Hymn, "The Witness on the Cross!"

The hymn for today speaks the Truth about us and about salvation.

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The text follows here:

The Witness on the Cross!
I AM the Way and the Truth and the Life; not even one
even goes in the general direction of the Father
if not in Me!”

By the Heaven’s grace abundant
Comes the witness of the cross;
By it we know we are driven
By perversions stained in dross!
There is no one oh so precious
As the witness on the cross!
He has come to show us Heaven
As the witness on the cross!

No more misrepresentations!
We are foul and stained and lost!
No more of our weak excuses!
Our rebellion has a cost!
And the witness come from Heaven
Demonstrates it on the cross!
There is no entrance to Heaven
But the witness on the cross!

And the door there is e’er blood-stained
With the stench of our foul cost!
There is no other incursion
But knowing that we are lost!
There is no path we can travel
Without Heaven’s precious cost,
For the door is sealed forever
Unless someone pay that cost!

We cannot give compensation
For infinite is that cost,
And no effort can exchange it—
All ability is lost!
But the One we have offended—
Our sweet God—can pay the cost!
Jesus Christ, our precious Savior,
Is the witness on the cross!

©2016 William F. Maddock;
Yirmeya House, BMI;
All Rights Reserved;
Reprinted by Permission