Saturday, June 25, 2016

Board Bill 66 and Constitutional Realities

One of our commissioners, Dr. Scott Egan, had the following to say regarding a new bill before the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen:

·        It shouldn’t be necessary to remind a police officer or an Alderman that this country is not yet LEGALLY an oligarchy. Rights apply equally to all citizens, regardless of their ability to contribute large sums of money to your election campaign, or whether they were your classmates.

·        Aldermanic Board Bill 66 stands in direct violation of the First Amendment, as most of those trying to help the homeless are religious organizations. The evening of 6-23-16, Churches on the Streets, which HAS permits to distribute food, clothing and hygiene items to those in need was directed to leave or be arrested by MSTLPD officers. This is blatantly in violation of the CURRENT Ordinance and prior to Board Bill 66 being read INTO LAW.

·        Video of that event may be viewed on the Facebook page for Churches on the Street. It could also be argued that the City of Saint Lewis has, de facto and de jure, established a “state religion” supported by taxpayer dollars,  as it has long looked the other way for St. Patrick Center’s violating the “quality of Life” policing efforts, and had directed uncommitted HUD housing monies to be donated to the Center or to Catholic Charities.

·        The recent upsurge in “quality of life” policing in the Downtown and Downtown West  areas violates the 4th and 8th Amendments to the US Constitution, and the negative applications of “Quality of Life” policing have been so held by SCOTUS.

·        For an explanation of the Bill of Rights, see