Friday, October 2, 2015

New Hymn, for Umpqua, "Real Change"

The hymn for today is a call for change—for real change!

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The Heart of Change

Changes in the hand will not
Bring to the man real change;
Take away his scabbard and
He’ll fashion slings to maim!
Changes must come in the heart
Of there will be no change,
For what rests within his heart
Will surface once again!

God, unto the Prophet, spoke
Of bringing on real change;
Nothing said He of weapons,
But of the heart to change!
“I will take their stony heart
And make in them a change
That will bring about a world
Where nothing is the same!”

Sin resides in everyone,
And must be brought to blame;
If you never face this fact,
Then all will stay the same!
Nothing will change for the good,
If hearts you do not change;
Ever weapons will be made,
And people will be maimed!

God, upon Mount Calvary,
Enabled the real change
That can bring the world to Light
And open Heaven’s gate!
By the mercy of the Christ
We enter into change;
When we take up our own cross
We enter Heaven’s gate!
©2015 William F. Maddock