Sunday, October 4, 2015

An Open Letter to Ana Marie Cox

Ana Marie Cox has Gone Public with Her Faith in Christ, and, since they have removed the commenting feature on that site, this is a response, of sorts.


First off, greetings! I would be most curious to know how long it has been since your conversion. You might have been living the adventure for a while, or you might still have all of that grand adventure ahead. I have no way of knowing which it is.

You do mention a certain aspect of the public expression of Christianity, that those who hate to be confronted by their own wickedness refer to as "judgmental". Just as I have no evidence as to how far in your past your conversion experience is, I also have no evidence as to its genuineness or lack thereof. As you will learn, Christians are commanded to be observant and decisive about what they observe, and are even given guidelines by Jesus as to what evidence will back up claims to Christ, and what will betray a claim's false nature (you shall know them by their fruit).

You will know a true Christian from a false one by the evidence displayed in how they live their lives. Know for a fact that those who are of the world will hate you for this and will make all manner of accusations against you in their zeal to silence you. You, though, are commanded to speak.

There is also the matter of a misapplication of the term "love" as used by Scripture, versus how it is used by those who make excuses for wanton and profligate sin. The command to love one another does not mean that ewe-gooey, lovey-dovey, do-whatever-you-want-to nonsense. That is not Christian love at all, but a deception straight from the lowest pits of Hell. The command to "speak the Truth in love" begins with "Speak the Truth".

Further complicating the matter is the prevalence of false Christians. You threw out a figure of 9 in 10 Americans being people who "believe in God". That immediately begs the question, though, "Ah! But do they believe God?" In other words, do they believe (and therefore act upon) what God has said, or do they just spout the claim while going on and living their profligate lives however they willy-nilly please, and still expect to be welcomed into Heaven in the end? Such people are in for a rude surprise.

The key here is that Christianity—genuine Christianity, that is—is not at all about you claiming Christ, but is about Christ claiming you. If Christ has claimed you, then your entire life is about to change (probably not over night, but it will change). Your hopes, your wishes, your dreams, your attitudes, your affiliations, your likes, your dislikes—all of it will change. Why? Because you are no longer the "you" you used to be; you are a new creation in Christ Jesus—and that makes a huge difference that will show up and evidence and manifest itself to others.

In closing, welcome to the adventure—and welcome to the fight, because as you will no doubt begin to notice, the mark of the beast is already here in this land, and the battle is on.