Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Hymn, "The Cry of the Wounded Soul"

Last night I found myself, once again, pining away, and it brought a question into my soul. When Person A has been shown, by God, that Person B is for them, with Person A wholly and completely trusting God in what He has shown them, if Person B refuses, what sin is that on the part of Person A? Is it not B that is refusing to see? What remedy, therefore, but that A continue to pray for B to see, and then, humbly, turn themselves to be what God has shown them to be? In the meantime, though, what salve for the heart of A but to bask in the heart of God? It is not the will of God, for God has shown A B. B, though, is playing Jonah and refusing to go to A. Will they make Tarshish, or will they drown in the depths of the sea? A, therefore, must pray.
Thus we have the hymn for today.
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