Friday, August 28, 2015

New Hymn, "By Calvary"

A day or two ago someone, whom I associate with Rockport Baptist Church, added me to their circles. I added them back as an acquaintance, so that, if I choose to do so, I can keep tabs on them, as I suspect they mean to do on me. You see people, on whose ears things fall that they do not want there, might have a tendency toward spying upon the source of that word, thinking they are protecting those who, in reality, are in no danger whatsoever.

I do have some experience at this.

Years ago, when her parents thought that I was pursuing a romantic relationship with Tonia Adams, they set someone upon ensuring that we would not come together. He was only supposed to watch and intimidate, but he was such a lunkhead, so easily observed, that it actually embarrassed Tonia to the point of apologizing to me for what her parents were doing.

There was a time when Tonia and I were coworkers that something happened, so upsetting lunkhead that he very nearly popped a vessel. What was it that so upset him?

I held the door for my friend.

I shouldn’t be quite so hard on him, I guess. You see, had I not already been warned off by God Himself, I would have pursued any opportunity with Tonia. God, though, had already said no, so I was not doing so.

Truly, when those who are actually blind, deaf, and dumb, think they know everything to do with a situation, their missteps can be quite entertaining—if you are paying attention.

The hymn for today is a heart cry about pursuing God, and will be available, for a limited time, to be played on MuseScore.