Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Hymn, "I Look for the Healing"

The hymn for today is filled with imagery. The story is from my own life, but while the passage selected draws you to the gospel accounts, forget not Genesis!

Last night I listened to a Q and A session with Ravi Zacharias, in which he revealed, to the public, his belief that he has been granted a miraculous healing. God told a friend of his to tell him that God would take care of him, 3-4-5. Years, indeed decades before, he had suffered a broken back between the 3,4 and 4,5 vertebrae, and since that message, he has had not a single episode of the pain that he had for so long suffered prior to this. This hymn, tune and text, therefore, is dedicated to Ravi Zacharias. If anyone who reads this has contact with him, please let him know.

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