Saturday, January 14, 2017

Heaven's Promised Land

Nine years ago a new man was preparing to enter the White House as President of the United States. I was one who began calling him out as not being natural-born in the United States.

The argument was that he was using a fake birth certificate. I backed off when I saw that his was awfully similar to my own, and knew that my own was not fake, but genuine. I, therefore, gave him the benefit of the doubt in that matter.

As the years went by, though, it became more and more clear that this man would go down in history as the worst President in the history of this republic. No other President has been so hard-hearted and dead-set against American citizens being allowed to exercise their own religion.

These last eight years have been a disaster for the American Experiment and for the world at large, as this man has marched 179.9995° away from the clear and plain meaning of the Constitution of the United States of America.

No other President has been as unmitigated a disaster as this man has turned out to be.

There have been any number of others that could have been chosen, of the same race, of the same creedal stances as this man. But this man is the one America chose, and this man is the one America has suffered through.

A moral turpitude and insanity had gripped this nation, to have had this man be chosen in the first place, and has shaken this nation to the core for its choice. Great men of faith could have been chosen, but were ridiculed and turned away. Christians in mainland China have been praying for such a time to strike the Church in this land, and strike it has. Their prayers are answered.

What, though, has been the fruit of those prayers? God has been listening to them, and, agreeing with them, has brought persecution to bear upon the Church in the United States of America. The pruning is at hand. The winnowing fork has stabbed the wheat, and the chaff will fly as the grain falls into the Maker’s hand. What grain, though, shall there be?

Cowards never stay where there is trouble. Many are the claimed “Christians” who have been cowed by the merest whimper of the Satanic minions. The slightest twitch of their baby finger sets these slack livers reeling and swaying in their brief-soiling terror.

I have no kinder words for those who would send their own children into the depths of drug-war zones—so long as those zones are across the borders of other nations. Point out the danger zones in their own areas, though, and watch as their pretzel-bent excuses spring forth! They who have no problem with the front lines, so long as the front lines are a thousand miles away are no friend to the King!

They are cowards and they know no love, for in love there is no fear.¹ If I surrender my body to the flames but have not love, I hold nothing!² Claim your faith without works; I, though, by my works, will show you my faith.³ Faith without works is dead.⁴ Dead faith gets you no where but Hell.

One of the fruits of those Chinese prayers has, ironically, been prayer itself. Never before have so many, all at the same time, prayed so fervently for the fate of a nation not their own. Having witnessed the catastrophic fall of this once great nation, facing down the very real possibility of yet another four years of the same antichrist policies being foisted off as compassionate and loving edicts, the world collapsed into fervent prayer, begging God for the fate of this nation, that it should be rescued from the brink upon which it finds itself teetering, playing with fate as a child would play with his toys.

What happened? Why, what happened, indeed, but that God showed Himself the possessor of true might and the wielder of genuine compassion and love, bestowing miraculous grace while at the same time withholding much deserved condemnation from this nation.

Why is it so impossible for the people of this world to clearly understand that the reason God allows there to be poor is multivalent, being, at once, to teach the rich generosity, and to show them the contrast between their own lives and lives of genuine love? Is it really so horrifically terrifying for them to take a close, clear look in the philosophical mirror? Is Narcissus really alive and what passes their twisted minds as well?

Oh, woe to us if such should be the case!

But I have seen hope!

I have seen it in the sudden, surprise reversal of what the globalist elitists took so much as a foregone conclusion that, in reaction, they would openly threaten the very freedoms that have allowed them to take so much unadulterated licentiousness into the bedrooms of their lives that they would think themselves free to force their ungodliness on those seeking after and following the one true and living God.

I have seen hope!

I have seen it in the great and desperate humility by which the fallen have taken up new lives of freedom and love and mercy and grace and peace and fellowship and service, having willingly done so.

I have seen hope!

I have seen it in the way that so many in so much grave danger themselves would cast aside care to gather in prayer for people they have never met and, this side of Heaven, never will.

Oh, yes! I have seen hope!

I have seen that hope in the way that the downtrodden faithful have risen up to tell their oppressors what they can go do with themselves and have risen up and shouted out, “No more! As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord!”⁵

The Spirit of God is on the rise within this land and Hell’s foul days are numbered!

Yes! I have seen hope!

Normandy has happened and the beaches are being held! You can tell the level of panic by the out-sized over-reactions of the profligate left-wing extreme to seeing that the halcyon days of their imagined Utopic dreams are nothing but a vapor in their own deluded minds.

Heaven is victorious, as ever it shall be, and those who follow Satan shall have their eyes ripped open to see the glory of the Lord our God enthroned for all to see.

I have seen hope, as those who follow God on high have risen up to see that demon hordes shall not hold sway from sea to shining sea. The people of the Lord awake and seek the glory seat, that it would be as ever has: fully, the mercy seat!

I tell you this: that even as the night might seem its darkest, it leads inexorably to dawn, and now the light is rising, the battle moving on. The darkened skies are clearing as Heaven shines its light, and Yahweh shows His glory to bring an end to night!

Years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr. told his listeners that he had seen the promised land and that he might not get there with them.

I say the same to you, and urge you, that whatever happens, to go there, hand in hand, and let nothing distract you from Heaven’s promised land.

1-1 John 4:18
2-1 Corinthians 13:3
3-James 2:18
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5-Joshua 24:15

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