Wednesday, September 21, 2016

St. Louis Amigan 2016 Anniversary Issue, "God's Design"

My apologies for being late releasing the Anniversary Issue of the St. Louis Amigan. It has been ready for some time, but I and my team have been extraordinarily busy. What follows is the introduction from the Anniversary Issue, written by Pastor Mark Glenn.

The full issue, in PDF format, is available here.

I have known Billsey for about a year and I have seldom met a man who thirsts more for the Word of God. He is the deer who longs for water in the desert. Billsey literally eats and drinks the Word of God daily. However, you already know this by just reading and singing his hymns. Each hymn displays the deepness of a person who loves God and the eternal sacrifice of His Son, Jesus the Christ.
In the August issue of the St. Louis Amigan, Billsey addressed our intimacy with God. He explained how important it is to our ultimate relationship with Our Lord and how God conducts this symphony of love. We willingly participate but we never direct. And those who live in this intimacy know his silent voice—so sweet, so gentle—so true. We have surrendered so that the words of “I Come to the Garden” come to life and become truth: “The sound of His Voice is so sweet…He walks with me, And he talks with and he tells me that I am His own. And the Joy we share as we tarry there. None other has ever known.”
In this issue, my favorite part in his commentary is when God tells him: “Don’t you worry what to do. Let Me Do!” How many times has God told me to “Shut my mouth. Do Nothing”? And when I obeyed what amazing things He did! As the Word says, “It is not by might, nor by power but by my Holy Spirit.” (Zech. 4:6) God doesn’t need our help but sometimes he allows us to participate in His plan and oftentimes our participation may be in doing nothing but to remain in silent prayer.
Billsey is an exceptional man because he never exalts himself but rather always lifts the name of Our Savior. He constantly brings me the Joy and Love of the Lord in both his words and his songs. And all this from a formerly devoted Atheist!
Isn’t God just Awesome?
I am honored to write for The Amigan and appreciate Billsey’s invite. I hope you will not only enjoy what God has revealed to Billsey but that you may also be richly blessed. Amen!