Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Hymn, "When I Am In ThyHand!"

The hymn for today is about waiting for the Lord.

Play it on MuseScore for a limited time.

Stanza 4 has a story behind it. You can find a more thorough treatment in my book, The Treasure, in the poem Snowbound Lane.

Today, when I had just put the first three stanzas to pen, the Lord told me to build the fourth stanza from the personal experience described in Snowbound Lane. I was a little leery about doing so, but once I had, I saw how well it balanced the first stanza, progressing toward a literary chiasm, a true chiasm being a five element literary device of the Jewish Biblical authors, wherein the first and fourth elements, and the second and fifth elements link to each other, those links crossing at the third element, which is the true climactic point of the entire passage, the device being so named because, when laid out structurally, the layout reminds one of the Greek letter that is the initial of our Lord's title in Greek, Χριστος.