Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dear Reader #20

Yesterday I finally got outside and was able to walk to the Schnucks Culinaria, then to Hardee’s and then back home. Along the way I took a few architectural photographs.
Note, in the upper image (of a government building), the Christian iconography on display by a government that leads according to putrefying violations of the Word of God. In the lower image is a Gothic cathedral owned by a denomination that, while trying to serve in some ways, teaches according to more putrefyingly vile violations of the Word of God.
This place is a place that needs to be cleansed, rather than being admired, for it is mired in the lies of Satanic forces that have their claws about its throat, dragging it into the pits of Hell. They serve, not the God they publicly proclaim, but the god of their own wallets, that drags them inexorably into Hell and damnation.
In my most recent Chat I spoke of understanding (or not) the office of Prophet. You are not a Prophet because you claim to be, or because some man or woman trained you to be. You are a Prophet because God has made you to be a Prophet. Whether you want the office or not, or claim the office or not, you hold the office God has ordained you to hold. Your faithfulness, or lack thereof, in the execution of that office determines who your Lord really is—not the claims you spout.
Christianity is not about you claiming Christ; it is about Christ claiming you—and the evidence of that claim is not what comes out of your mouth, but what comes out of your life. If you live according to the Devil, you are of the Devil—no matter the claims you spout to the contrary.
This place needs the prayers of the truly faithful—desperately, wholly, and completely. I speak not to please men, but to faithfully execute the office to which God calls me. Like the Apostle Paul, I am not a man-pleaser. I am a God server.

Lead me, oh Thou Great Jehovah!

Show me e’er Thy way!