Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Hymn, "Delivered by Lord Jesus Christ"

The hymn for today is an exhortation to flee out of the night of despair and darkness that is sin and into the light of Christ.

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An Exhortation out of Night

Marching into darkness by our own design,
We close our eyes to every fateful sign;
Turning unto passion rather than the Light,
We stab ourselves with every demon’s knife;
Thinking ourselves égalité and the Light,
We stumble ever onward through our night!

Mercy from the Father is our only prayer,
That He would turn our eyes to our despair,
Invading our darkness with His holy Light,
That we should turn and flee out of our night,
Coming upon the gracious Love of our life!
Oh, Father, hear this prayer to shed the night!

There upon the mountain, at the passion tree,
Comes our deliv’rance from the Trinity;
If we will but throw ourselves under His care,
He will deliver us from our despair
By Heaven’s mercy over our fumes of night
To be delivered by Lord Jesus Christ!

Look upon His passion there on Calvary!
See how He shed His blood for you and me!
Giving up a pure life in divinity,
He chose to come and die for you and me!
No greater love is ever known in this life
Than that delivered by Lord Jesus Christ!
©2015 William F. Maddock

but He was pierced through for our rebellions,
beat to pieces for our perversions;

the rebuke for our peace was upon Him,
and by His wounds we are made whole”
Isaiah 53:5