Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Two New Hymns, Today, "By Grace in My Life", and "Lord, Lead Me Through"

Thinking I was finished journaling for the day, I moved to close my entry in prayer, as I have been trying to do each day (though sometimes I do miss).
I did so do this day, but God (oh, how I love those words: “But God!”), God had another idea, giving me, through my daily prayer, another, possibly grand, hymn to bless the day!
EVENTIDE is the music to which a great hymn of the faith has long been set, that hymn being “Abide With Me”. Abide With Me was written by the pastor of a church in the 19th century in preparation for his final service before his congregation, after he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and expresses his longing for the comfort of the Lord through his final trial in this life.
This hymn is not from such a thing of finality, but is just as plaintive a cry. It asks for the casting off of pride through asking for the furies and rages of his life to be removed in favor of an outflowing of mercy and grace and peace such that, through him, others would see the glories of God.
Several years ago, the Lord told me that He wanted me to sing, and, with reluctance and trepidation, I told Him to set it up. While it is not a formal part of my duties, here, there is recognition of my abilities, here, and I need to remember from whence they came, for they are not merely of me, but from God in His mercy and grace, so I ask Him to allow me to use them for His peace.
So, today we have two hymns.
I ask that you allow them to bless you, and to make your day a closer walk with Him.

By Grace in My Life: PDF Play the score on MuseScore

Lord, Lead Me Through: PDF Play the score on MuseScore